Monday, February 09, 2009

Hanne & Sophia's Baby Blessing Cakes

We did a joint baby blessing celebration at Susie's this weekend, we've been blessed with two beautiful baby girls in our family recently & it was so fun to be able to do some cakes for the party. Mandy requested the same flavors I did at Melissa's wedding because we all didn't get enough that night. So we had (left to right) almond cake with pastry cream, whipping cream & strawberry filling; coconut cake with lime curd; and lemon cake with lemon curd & blackberry filling. The poor little lime/coconut cake had an unfortunate delivery mishap, that's why she's a bit misshapen. Mental note to me: always take pictures before delivery.


tidal wave said...

I know i commented on the strawberry cake but i think these three will do nicely, very nice 3 pats on the back.

Michael Mundy said...

Hello I am Michael Mundy, I love cup cakes and brownies etc... By me looking at your blog makes me want to learn go out and start baking! Good job. Can you view my blogs: