Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Katrina's cake

I did this cake forever ago, they drove it to California for what looks like a gorgeous, fun wedding, and in my flurry to get it ready for them to take, I completely spaced taking any pictures of it. So thank goodness for blogstalking, I stole this off of her blog. It's cute, huh?

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I never said I was a photographer

Jake & Alta just sent over some pro pictures of their cake & I wanted to share them for a few awesome reasons:
1- clearly this is a superior picture to mine. I have no problem admitting that.2- Alta is gorgeous3- Jake's face is in the cake. And check out Gramps. He looks genuinely concerned about the situation.4- yup, that's awesome. I've done groom's cakes, anniversary cakes, but this is my first face cake.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jake & Alta's Cake

Jake is a good friend from back in the high school days who just happens to also be in my ward. He married a darling girl today & I'm just pleased as punch for them. I am pleased as spiked punch that they trusted me to do their wedding cake & I'm pleased as spiked punch with "special" brownies that it turned out this nicely. They chose yellow cake with vanilla buttercream for the top tier, orange creamsicle (my newest favorite) for the middle tier & red velvet with cream cheese filling for the base.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Teacher Appreciation cake

This picture sucks, I'll get a better one up as soon as I can. A while back I donated a cake certificate to a fundraiser for Hill Air Force Base deployed families, and it was so fun to make something with color & shapes as opposed to the wedding cakes I usually do. Anyway this was for a teacher appreciation lunch at St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary School in Ogden.

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Brock & Stephanie's Cake

I remember when this kid was born. This is my second oldest sister's oldest, Brock, and he is freaking awesome. He came home from the MTC to speak at his father's funeral, then went right back out & killed it on his mission, just like everything else he does. I cannot think of a time when he wasn't (almost) annoyingly positive & happy. It is a gift to spend time with him. And Stephanie just makes him that much better. She is pretty amazing herself. Anyway, I love them, and had a blast doing these cakes for them, just knowing that they would react like I had just painted the Sistine Chapel. I say cake(s) because they had two receptions, one Thursday in Idaho Falls, and another on Saturday in Springville. So we decided that since they wanted to serve the cake at both of them, and due to the fact that I was doing it for free & didn't think that doing two whole cakes in 48 hours sounded very fun... I did the top three tiers with foam cake dummies & the bottom tier was real cake- chocolate with cookies & cream filling, which I made another of before the Saturday reception. It worked out pretty smoothly, and I love how it turned out.