Saturday, April 12, 2008

Porter's Diego Cake

My BFF's oldest turned the big 4 this weekend, and, crazy little dude that he is, threw hisself a grand ole Go Diego Go! themed extravaganza. Good thing he turned the majority of the planning over to his amazing Mama because she totally outdid herself. I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute the cake, and although it's just a two-tier variation on a cake, it was quite a hit!
My photography skills are such a joke. I am hoping that Kirsten will email me some of her's soon. (hope, hope)

There, that's a little better, thanks, Kirst.

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sara e.a.* said...

you're so cute! i love your cakes. amazing!!! can you come to california? we're getting married out there. we are having a reception out here a couple of weeks later, and if we end up doing a cake - i'm giving you a call! thanks for the offer. :) i have so many ideas, seriously, i wish you could make our cake and transport it to california!!!

and thank you :) i'm glad that you went through ashley, she's wonderful.