Monday, June 08, 2009

BJ & Renee-Anne's Cake

My nephew & his darling bride were good enough to trust me on this one. Their wedding was a week before the reception, and when I saw her dress I asked Renee if she trusted me because I wanted to change her cake a little & surprise her with it. It was supposed to be all 4 tiers with those modern circles, but I thought that the bodice of her dress was way to pretty & I've always wanted to recreate the bride's dress in cake, so here it is. I LOVE how it turned out. The top & bottom tiers were carrot cake with cream cheese filling, the 8" was chocolate-chocolate chip cake with mint chocolate ganauche, and the 10" was brown sugar pecan cake with caramel buttercream and peaches, one of my favorites.

Typical BJ face. I wish them the very best that life has to offer, they are adorable together & amazing.


AndersonFamily said...

yay!!! i feel like i have waited years to see this cake :) it looks so amazing!!! you are seriously wonderwoman!!! love you miss you and i will see you at the reunion at the end of july!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Lisa said...

LOVE it! You brilliant woman, you!