Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ladybug Cuppies

So you know all the hype lately about that book "Hello Cupcake"? Well I haven't been really impressed. But if you want to know what one does impress me, go to Costco (or wherever) and get Martha's cupcake book. (It's like twice as much if you don't get it at Costco though.) Amazing decorating ideas, I've only tried two of the recipes, but I like my good old vanilla cupcakes best. I tried the ladybug cupcakes for last Sunday's family dinner, and they were so fun to make together, Sawyer & Matt helped make the marzipan ladybugs and I had this idea to turn it into a summer sidewalk because I had way too many cupcakes to frost. They turned out so stinkin' cute.


Fish & Sarah Powell said...

Hello I have been trying to get ahold of you through a friend Katie Barker. I havnt had any luck so she said to try this way. Please call or email me I need to make an order for July 18th. 801 589 9440 or thanks so much. If you are not able to help me for this date please let me know so I can make other plans. Thanks for your time and I look forward to working and heraing from you soon.

Melissa said...

Man you're awesome.

Rosebud said...

So I just bought Martha's cupcake book - but I got it at Home Goods - way less than anywhere else!! LOVE the ladybugs, soooo darn cute!! Am modifying slightly for a gf's toddlers 2nd bday - doing that scene from Pooh with the bees, and him wanting a "smackeral" of something - keeping my fingers crossed my bees look as flipping cute as your ladybugs!

melocoton said...

wow! you are very talented. you should open a dessert shop of some sort or a cupcake store! I would visit. I love these ladybug cupcakes!

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