Friday, May 13, 2011

Frenchy Frencher CupCakes

Holy Crap! these are the single yummiest cupcakes I have ever had in my long-legged life! I'm not even kidding. Since I just stole it from the internet, I have no qualms about giving you the link so that you can make them for yourselves. Just know though, that this'll be the next flavor that Sawyer & I do for her "Earn a Trip to Disneyland" bakesale day, so if you live close to us, you'd probably be better off waiting & just buying them from me then. Just make sure you're my friend on facebook so you know when we do it.
It was Jenna's birthday & homegirl is obsessed with all things french. Thus the mustache, beret & eiffel tower. We opted to not top them with bacon, mostly cuz Cyd is a vegetarian, but also because we had the genius idea to crumble up Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and put that on top, which was awwwesome!
When I first took the cuppies out of the oven I was sad because they looked dry. They are not. No worries there. And look how cute!

My little taste tester.


Ama said...

I love the mustache! Awesome cupcakes :)

Cupcake_Lover said...

love the Eiffel Tower cupcakes sooo cutee! check out my blog