Monday, June 20, 2011

Sherri's Cake

So. I really hate when people ask me to teach them how to make cakes. I know that sounds so rude. Its just that its such a trial & error thing, I can tell you all day how to do it, but until you actually go & try to do it & get a feel for it, it's totally blah, blah, blah. Any time I've been asked to do a class I get so frustrated because things never go like I'd planned & I end up looking like an idiot & a big fat faker. Which I am.
A faker.
Sometimes an idiot too though.
Seriously. I have no idea what I'm doing.
I started making cakes because I was too cheap to pay someone to do my own for my first wedding.
Then my friends started getting married & asked me to do their cakes. Bless their hearts.

Twelve years later.....

I love how much I learn with each cake. Its the best.
Sherri apparently was at one of these cake classes I taught for the lovely women of my ward. I was so complimented that she would remember me & ask me to do her wedding cake.
The middle tier is actually just styrofoam & the other two are carrot cake with buttercream filling. I love the homespun, delicious look of buttercream. Fondant has it's place, but you just can't beat buttercream. At least not mine. ;)
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Mom to Many said...

Beautiful cake. I am sure it was well loved.

I know what you mean about teaching. I taught a Roll Class recently to some ladies in my ward and felt like I ended up looking like a buffoon. I did not follow the familiar procedure that I follow in the familiar chaos of my own kitchen. Things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. I know I was overly critical of myself as I am sure you were too.

How nice to be remembered kindly.

Kudos to you for biting off a huge mouthful when you did your own cake. It's the way that I love to live. Cheeks puffed and enjoying huge bites of life.

Your cakes are lovely and I am so glad to have found your cake blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Grandmother's cake. I am feeling better about doing Butter Cream.