Monday, September 29, 2008

Caroline's Cake

Matt's niece gave me exactly 3 days notice on this one. Then she texted me and said "my friend is allergic to red. pls don't put any red on the cake." ooops. So I took the peices I'd cut out to make the star shape and made an extraneous football shaped cake, without any red on it. Can I get some validation on this one? Is it possible for anyone to be allergic to red? I hate the way I look in red, does that count?


Jessica said...

Well I have stumbbled across you blog and let me just say your cake are AMAZING...truely I love every thing I have seen on here! Me and my husband really never had a formal wedding aand we are wanting to do a vow renawal and a big reception and I would love to talk with you about doing my cake I would just love it I think your cakes are just beautiful and Just my style so please email me and we can chat more about it thanks Jessica

Anonymous said...

I love your cakes!!!! You do beautiful work...and just for the validation red dye is the most common dye that people have allergies to. Even in clothes - crazy.